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Shenzhen Chuo Ming Handbags (leather goods) Ltd.

Is founded in 2005, and research and development, design, production, processing, sales, handbags, leather goods, bags, gift bag, tool bag, handbag, wallets, environmental protection bags, shopping bags, backpacks, and other products of professional private owned enterprise, the company is headquartered in longgang, shenzhen city, guangdong province, China, the factory is located in China guangdong dongguan tangxia. Shenzhen ZhuoMing handbags (leather goods) co., LTD has complete and scientific quality management system. The company‘s integrity, strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiation. 
Leather articles: 
Research and development, design, production, processing, sales, wholesale, supply, customization, high quality, price is excellent in high-grade: 
Leather purse, wallet, purse, key package, business card bag, check, passport holder, business card book, card holder box, etc 
Holster types: leather, imitation leather ─ digital electronic products, leather products, medical holster, product BaoZhuangPi box. 
This class: high middle-grade leather imitation leather notebook, notebooks, universal handbooks, industrial and commercial logs, portfolio, etc... 

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Company Album

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